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Legal Aid
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Services Charter

October 2007
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“A just South Africa in which the rights enshrined in our Constitution are promoted, respected, defended, protected and fulfilled to ensure justice for all.”

“To be a leading provider of quality legal services, ensuring effective access to justice for the poor and vulnerable, in an independent manner.”

Service Excellence and Professionalism
Respect for human dignity
Dedication and commitment
Efficiency and Effectiveness

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"The Board functioned as efficiently as ever in keeping with its oversight responsibility. All corporate governance requirements and other PFMA obligations were diligently complied with. From an operations point of view the performance of the Legal Aid Board grew from strength to strength as is evident from the growth in new and finalised matters dealt with by the Chief Executive Officer in her report. This is testimony of the fact that the Legal Aid Board in its remodelled form has established its track record as a high performing and integral stakeholder within the criminal justice system. The latter is demonstrated by the proportion of court rolls in every court that are dependent on our services, without which the system would not be able to function. It would therefore be the uninformed who remain blind to this reality whether in the consideration of allocation of resources or the review of the criminal justice system or the legal sector."

Judge Dunstan Mlambo,



In order to fulfill its mandate and realise its mission, the Legal Aid Board uses four broad channels:

  • Justice Centres
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Special litigation
  • Other cost effective and efficient ways of accessing justice.



The Legal Aid Board has identified the following priorities:

  • Children in civil matters affecting them where substantial justice would otherwise result;
  • Every detained person (including sentenced prisoners);
  • Every person who is accused of a crime;
  • Those who wish to appeal or review a decision of court in a higher court. Women; particularly in divorces, maintenance, and domestic violence cases;
  • The landless, especially with regards to evictions.



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